Community & Ad Sales

Word of mouth is the best way of kick-starting your brand. Want to get people talking? Your social media accounts are the perfect place to start. Julia is here to help you build your community and craft a voice for your brand that will keep people talking and get sponsors interested. 


Monetization, Community Building, and Social Media

Hooray, you launched a show! ...Now what? Learn how to set yourself up for long-term success with these tools for monetizing your show, building community, managing social media, and staying sane. From Twitter tricks to actual ad sales advice (no, you don’t need to have 30,000+ downloads per episode to get sponsors!), Julia and her fellow podcast creators offer advice on how to get started. 


DIY Sponsorships: Pitching Sponsors, Setting Prices and Making Money for Indie Podcasts


You don’t need an agent or 30,000 downloads to get sponsors for your podcast. Learn how to write a great pitch, set prices for your show, find potential sponsors, and incorporate ads into your episodes—the right way. Whether you’re an industry vet or an enthusiastic newcomer, a solo podcaster or part of a team, you’ll walk away with valuable information and a plan for your own sponsor outreach.


From Fan to Creator

One of the amazing things about audio as a medium is the relatively low barrier to entry—if you're inspired by the podcasts you love, you can start your own. On this panel, we'll discuss the process of going from a listener to an active participant on a podcast, how to learn the ropes as you go along, being in fandom while having a fandom, drawing inspiration without being derivative, and more. You can listen here


Failure Doesn't Mean It's Over: Learning from Our Failures on the Road to Full-Time Creating