Social Media Coordinator, Podcaster, Voice Actor

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Julia Schifini has something for you, whether you're looking for research, writing, podcasting, recordings, ad sales, audio editing, or social media advising. Find out more about Julia here.



Julia has worked as a podcast producer and co-host for over two years. As researcher and co-host of Spirits, she leads listeners through the boozy world of mythology, folklore, and urban legends. Comfortable on mic, Julia knows the ins and outs of podcast production. Find out about her podcast appearances. 

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Voice Acting

A unique voice among the audio drama community. Julia has appeared in many audio drama productions, including lead roles in shows such as What's the Frequency, Tides, and more. Hear her voice acting work for yourself. 

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Community and Ad Sales

Launching a new show? Trying to build your brand? Rethinking your social media strategy? Looking for sponsors? Julia specializes in getting you the attention that your brand deserves. Learn how to cultivate a community, engage your audience, and sell ads. 

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